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TNT Practice Analysis & List-Building Insight

Hello there!
Back once again with a couple more games with Abyssal Dwarves under my belt, and I wanted to talk a little and analyze a couple TNT practice game. I also wanted to put out my opinion on list-building. It's a bit long, so strap in!

With the recent additions to my army, I was pretty excited to actually use them on the table. At the same time, a couple clubmates and I wanted to try out some lists for TNT. I decided to use this as an opportunity to use those new Abyssal Dwarf units I painted up. Here's the list I chose to bring:

Instant issue I had with the list = too many "foot-sloggers." What I mean is more than half of this army is Speed 4 or Speed 5 (with half of it not being able to move at the double). This was in instant red flag in my mind, as my low-speed would easily be abused by faster and more maneuverable armies.

Another issue is, with all of the actual units, there was no room to properly include Ba'su'su without losing an in…

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