Painting 800ish Points of Abyssal Dwarves in 3 Days!

Hello there!

"Woah! Another post within a month of each other? That's crazy!"

Trust me, I know! Buuutt, I've made A LOT of progress over the weekend! Off from work, along with the girlfriend working all weekend, means I get to finish some units on my To-Do list. Anyways, enough talking; on with the pictures!

Golems and Cannons!

I'm really happy with how the obsidian turned out on the golems especially. While the process was pretty simple, they came out better than I hoped! Now I can mess around with some golem-heavy lists and play with some more surge!

The warmachines still have some work needed to be put into them, but they're ready for the table at least! Decided to keep it extremely simple (as is the rest of the paint scheme), but I feel like they still look extremely bland compared to the rest of the army. I was thinking of possibly adding banners to add some color, but I'm not sure. Adding crew is out of the question, as these models already have to go on base sizes larger than 50x50 (they're currently on 50x70ish bases, as the 50mm fronting is the most important).

Full Army Picture!!
I added it up, and we're currently sitting at a spiffy 2635 points of un-upgraded Abyssal Dwarves, which is INSANE! Especially when you consider that I still have so much left to include in the army.

Speaking of which, I have two regiments of Decimators soaking in some La-Totally Awesome as we speak!

Decimators Taking a Bath!
While they aren't necessarily next on the To-Do list, I figured I might as well get them ready! Next on the painting table is 1) A second troop of Gargoyles, 2) A second Dwarf on a Big Beastie (most likely an Ironcaster on Flying Halfbreed), and 3) A Slave Driver on Chariot, which can also be used as a Steel Behemoth if I ever decide to spice things up and play regular Dwarves! Again, I'm really happy with how much hobby work I managed to get done this weekend. I've even debated bringing Abyssal Dwarves to TNT with how much I got done, but with less experience with the army, I'm a little hesitant.

Well, that's all I have for today! Again, I'll keep updating the blog as much as possible, but let me know what you guys want to see! I've thrown around a couple ideas, including battle reports, tactic/unit/army discussion, and painting/basing guides, but let me know what YOU want! I hope you all enjoyed the read, and I'll talk to you very soon!

Until then.. Let's Go To War!



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