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Just wanted to post an update on all things Kings of War related, including new toys and GT updates. Some new stuff got put onto the painting table for Goblins, and some new stuff came in the mail for Empire of Dust! I also got a good number of Kings of War tournaments scheduled over the next few months that I SWEAR I'll get pictures for!

First off, let's start with the toys!

All the toys in one picture!

 Goblin Add-ons

First off, I mentioned having some big Kings of War tournaments planned over the next few months, and the two big ones are at Jekyll Comic Con in December and Siege of Augusta in January 2018. I thought about bringing Goblins (as Empire of Dust will be my project for 2018), but then I looked at what points both events were playing with:

Jekyll = 2300 points
Siege of Augusta = 2250 points

I was surprised to see points higher than 2000, but apparently US Masters is being played at 2250(?), so this may be a trend for GTs in 2018. The problem is I only have 2000 points of Goblins painted up! The only way I can bring Goblins is if I, obviously, paint some more up. So, that's EXACTLY what I plan to do! So, as add-ons to my 2000 point army, I'm adding in a third horde of Trolls (need to get a couple more trolls), two Mounted Biggits, and a couple Mincers. I've already got a test list in the works, but I'd still like to get more practice with it before the Greenskins hit another GT table. I've got about a month and half to get all of these painted and finalize a list, so I have plenty of time. I'll be sure to keep updates on the progress!

 My Mounted Biggits provided by Ramshackle Games!

New Empire of Dust toys!

I got an amazing deal on a couple of GW Tomb Kings Bone Giants, so it looks like I'm going monster heavy with the sand empire! I also took a Tomb Kings skeletal horseman, clipped a few weapons here and there, and made a simple Mounted Cursed High Priest! I haven't played with the new list yet, but it looks really fun to play on paper! 

  1. There is an Escalation Tournament on November 4th at Armada Games in Tampa, FL. If you happen to be in the area, you should definitely come down for a couple of sweet games (and to kick my butt)! Since there's no paint score for this event, I'm planning to break out Empire of Dust and try the new list out. I'll be sure to take pictures and get write-up for the event as soon as possible!
  2. Shameless Universalbattle plug; Come join me and a few others on Universalbattle 2 if you ever want to test some lists out or play other people outside of your area! People will also be more than happy to show you how the site works :) 
That's it, folks. I hope you enjoyed the read, and I hope to talk to all of you very soon with some progress updates!



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