New Year, New Kings of War Stuff!

Hello there!

It's been a WHILE! My last year of college and a new job has pretty much left me with no time to paint up new stuff (or hobby in general). However, after learning some time management between education, work, and everything else, I DID manage to spend what little time I had to mark some things off my "To-Do" list. I just wanted to write up on my progress with the hobby since then, and, since it's been so long since the last post, this one may be a tad bit longer. So strap in, and let's down to it!

Army After Goblins.. What Happened?

The last couple posts showed me being super hyped about starting Empire of Dust. However, the more I played them, the more I absolutely hated their play-style. I don't normally play fast lists, but I definitely felt the restriction of Shambling and limited shooting options (unless I brought a couple hordes of Guardian Archers). After a couple months of thought, I actually sold them off to make room for other projects.

So I introduce my official next army: Abyssal Dwarves!

Bases for Abyssal Dwarves

What's Completed So Far!

Not sure if it looks like I actually got a lot done, but there's still A LOT of work that needs to be done. I'm happy with my progress so far, and I can't wait to see the army as a whole. I decided at this point to make some Tortured Soul allies (made with Reaper Bones Bone Fiends) if I wanted to be "unique and original" with list-building! For my final 2000 point list (which I'll list below with some thoughts), I still need to paint up a couple more infantry regiments, a regiment of Halfbreeds, a horde of Slave Orcs, and another Slavedriver (which explains some of the empty bases pictured).

Anyways, here's the 2000-point list I'm building toward:

x1 Blacksouls Horde - Brew of Strength (Throwing Mutated Mastiff)
x2 Immortal Guard Regiments - 2H-Weapons (Throwing Mutated Mastiffs)

x1 Slave Orcs Horde - Staying Stone
x1 Gargoyles Troop
x1 Abyssal Halfbreeds Regiment - Potion of the Caterpillar

x1 Abyssal Grotesques Horde - Brew of Haste
x2 Dragon Fire-teams
x1 Overmaster on Great Abyssal Dragon - Blade of Slashing
x2 Slavedrivers - One with Lute of Insatiable Darkness
x1 Ba'su'su the Vile

Veeerrry different from the Goblins that I'm used to (...What do you mean not EVERYTHING is chaff?)! However, I've had a lot of success with it so far on Universalbattle2...shameless plug (I think I'm 4-1 with Abyssal Dwarves so far, so I'm obviously the best AD player ever /s). However, I have yet to go up against the heavy shooting that my region is known for, and I feel like this list will suffer against that.

Today, actually, I plan to get together a lot more Abyssal Dwarves, which mostly consists of Obsidian Golems and Artillery. I'll try and get some progress pictures (and maybe some battle reports) when I find the time to paint and play some more!

Competitive Play

Competitively, the only two events that come to mind are Siege of Augusta and our local event at Armada Games (which held 16 players for a full house!).

At Siege of Augusta, I tied for 6th place out of 50ish players using a variation of my mixed arms Goblins. With 2250 points, I didn't really have much painted for the extra 250 points, so I decided to be unoriginal and throw in 3 catapults to my list (Sorry!). The list was:

x2 Rabble Hordes
x1 Spitters Horde
x2 Troll Hordes - One with Headstrong, and the other with Fury
x3 Mawbeast Pack Regiments
x3 War Trombones
x3 Big Rock Catapults

x1 Flaggit - Holy Hand Grenade
x1 Wiz - Alchemist's Curse(6) + Inspiring
x1 Wiz - Alchemist's Curse (6)

x1 Wiz - Circlet of Blood
x1 Magwa & Jo'os
x1 Magwa'ns Regiment
x3 Mincers

Going into Siege, I didn't expect to get Top 10 let alone #6! There are a two things I would definitely change about the list though. 1) I would switch out the hand grenade for a support item (Either Rallying(1) or BC2). He mostly stuck with the combat elements anyways, and hardly had a time where he'd actually throw the grenade. 2) I would've found points to give the Wiz's mounts. I think I just didn't have a 3rd one painted by this time, or else I 100% would have. Everything else, I was super happy with!

At our local event here at Armada Games in Tampa, FL, we held our first 2000-point event using the new CoK'18 rules where I actually placed 1st! This time, I tried out a couple Kings on Chariots, and they were AMAZING. I really hope I can fit 2-3 in every list I make, since they were just so influential in my games. It was a really nice opportunity to try some new things, and I'm happy I managed to make it work for one day!

Goblin List Used at Armada Games.. With Actual Crew For The Trombones!

So.. What Happens Now?

For now, I work on Abyssal Dwarves, add some new units to Goblins, and work on my next army after Abyssal Dwarves. I'll hold it off as a surprise, but a hint is that it's my first Good-Aligned army. :)

The next GT on the list is TNT, where I will definitely be bringing Goblins since I've had the most practice and experience with them. Then Discover, and Crucible, but I'll talk more about those once we get closer to them! Hopefully I'll get there with Abyssal Dwarves or the new army! The plan for this year is still to make it to the next US Masters!

But that's it for now! I'll try and update this more often, but I'd like to get some progress done on the armies before then. I hope you all enjoyed the read, and i'll talk to you very soon!

Until then.. Let's Go To War!



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