More Abyssal Dwarf Stuff + TNT Preparations

Hello there!

It's been about a month, but hobby-wise, I managed to accomplish more than what was originally planned (Whoop whoop!). Just wanted to give an update at where the Abyssal Dwarves were at and where the focus of my preparation for TNT is going.

Abyssal Dwarves - Completed Projects

I'm really glad that my last post received a lot of positive feedback about the bases and army as a whole. Well, I'm also glad that I'm able to provide more pictures!

Halfbreeds + Halfbreed Champion
First off, I finished off my 2k list with some Halfbreeds and a Halfbreed Champion (who I used as Brakki in our last local tournament here). What I don't have individually pictured are the other two completed infantry regiments (but I did include them in the completed army picture).

Completed Army So Far!
This is pretty much the army I took to a recent 2k local event here at Armada Games (located in Tampa, FL). I'm really happy with the outcome, as I placed 2nd with two wins and one draw. I DID get 1st in battle points. However, the person in first, John William Fred (who most people recognize as the creator of FredonFantasy), absolutely destroyed us in the painting department, as his army and display board were top-notch quality. This means I can be insanely happy with how I played the army, but that I need to step up my painting quality even more!!

Links to John's blog, as he deserves every bit of attention for his quality posts:

Abyssal Dwarves - Projects in Progress

While I'm very happy with the army currently, I only want to expand the army and give me more options in list-building. Currently, I have A LOT more bases in progress!

(Almost) Completed bases for more Abyssal Dwarf Units!
As you can see, I've got BIG plans for some new units, ranging from a couple hordes of Lesser Obsidian Golems to Artillery to some new Characters (including the new chariot hero)! I'm very excited to unveil them once they're completed, but that won't be until I add some more color to these current bases!

TNT Preparation

As my last post stated, the next GT that our group is focused on at the moment is TNT, which is about mid-May. It's 2150 points, and I already have a test army that I'd like to, well, test! I will be bringing a pretty mixed Goblins list, as it brings the obnoxious tools that Goblins are known for, but with my own personal flavor (I still LOVE mawbeasts).

While I haven't prepared as much as I'd like to tactic-wise, I do only have one more character to paint before my list is 100% painted. Seeing how I saw a bit of success at Siege of Augusta with a similar list, I'm intent on trying to find the same success at TNT.

However, even if I go 0-6, I know I'll have a damn good time seeing everyone again and seeing some more beautifully painted armies!

Anyways, that's it for now. While work and school are certainly keeping me busy, I will continue updating the blog as frequently as possible as I continue making more progress with the hobby. I hope you all enjoyed the read, and I'll talk to you very soon!

Until then.. Let's Go To War!



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