Hello! I recently attended a tournament over in Tampa, FL at Armada Games. It was a little different than normal tournaments, as it was only a 1000 point tournament with four games. Limitations included (1) max 1 for heroes, warmachines, and monsters, (2) no living legends, and (3) no allies. There were also some quirks to this tournament, which included no attrition score and some bonus objectives. The bonus objectives were:

  1. Snake Eyes - A roll of double 1s results in one bonus point (Can only happen once per game)
  2. Rally Point - A special marker was placed on the center line at the complete left/right side of the table. It worked as dominate, where the player who had the most Unit Strength within 12" of the marker would grab two extra bonus points. No one controlling the Rally Point (or if players tied for it) resulted in both players getting one bonus point
  3. Headhunter - Routing your opponent's most expensive unit gave you two bonus points. If two units' points were the same, killing either of them resulted in your opponent grabbing this bonus objective (meaning killing either of my Trolls hordes gave my opponent the bonus points).

I decided to bring the small greenskins to battle, as I wanted to improve myself as a player. My list is below:

  • Rabble Horde
  • Spitters Horde
  • Trolls Horde (x2)
  • Mawbeast Pack Troop (x2)
  • Mawbeast Pack Regiment
  • Flaggit - BC2
  • Wiz - Inspiring Talisman + BC2

My 1000 point Goblin Force!

 It retains the basic foundation of my 2k-point list, but it's, overall, pretty balanced. As shooty as goblins can get, I decided to bring a more combat-oriented list. I was hoping that having multiple drops would grant me more flank/rear charges than my opponent wanted!

Game 1 - Robert Green - Abyssals, Loot.

Unfortunately, I'm going from memory, but his army was:

  • Succubi Troop (x2)
  • Succubi Regiment - Pipes of Terror
  • Succubi Regiment - Brew of Strength
  • Imps Regiment (x2)
  • Abyssal Temptress - BC2
    • Fire Legion Formation
Just looking at his list, I knew I was in for a tough time. The formation grants all the Succubi the Vicious special rule (OUCH), and the Temptress gets Very Inspiring for the Succubi. We were in for a bloody fight.

Luckily, my shooting in the first turn was enough to take out one of the Imps Regiments, which allowed me to control the right flank's combats with some Mawbeasts and the Trolls. My Trolls on the opposite side were rolling out of their minds, where I would end up getting 10-12 hits on 5+ (since Succubi have the Ensnare special rule). While I was able to pull off most of my charges, dealing enough damage to not get hit back was a major issue. I ended up losing a lot of units, but the Spitters managed to pull through and grab two of the loot counters during the midst of combat, which resulted in a victory for the Gobbos!

Favorite moment of the game = When my Ensnared Flaggit put a wound on his Abyssal Temptress and wavered it, forcing her to charge my Flaggit.

Game 2 - Robert Lee - Orcs, Occupy

Again, going from memory:

  • Ax Regiment
  • Skulks Troop (x2)
  • Trolls Horde - Brew of Haste
  • Gore Riders - Maccwar's Potion of the Caterpillar
  • Krudger on Gore - Goblin Stabby Sneak + Healing Brew
  • Troll Bruiser - Darklord's Onyx Ring
Big Greenskins vs Little Greenskins! You always know it's a good game when there's green on green action. Especially against Robert Lee, who is always a good opponent. It was different facing his Orcs other than his usual Elves, but I was still in for a close game. He deployed heavy on his right flank, while I deployed heavy on mine. He managed to get the combats he wanted first, but didn't end up killing my units straight away. This gave my right flank some time to fight to the center. Some bad dice rolls on his part led to me getting a couple flank and rear charges with my trolls and mawbeasts.

These favorable charges for the Gobbos resulted in a big win for the little Greenskins!

Game 3 - Jacob Datta - Forces of Nature, Scour

I knew I would end up playing against my good friend Jacob, and this list was probably the last list I wanted to face up against at the tournament. His list consisted of:

  • Earth Elementals Horde - Healing Brew
  • Earth Elementals Horde - Brew of Strength
  • Druid on Stag - Surge7 + Soul Drain + Myrddin's Amulet of the Fire-heart
  • Winged Unicorn - LB5 + Shroud of the Saint
  • Greater Earth Elemental
    • Boulderguard Formation
Playing against this list beforehand, I knew his plan would be to castle up, hope to survive shooting/charges, then grind/do shenanigans with surge. Luckily for me, this is exactly how he played this game, and I was able to claim outer objectives by simply having more units than he could deal with.

It also didn't help that, on my turn 2, I was able to dual charge, with both Trolls Hordes, one of the Earth Elemental Hordes, get a Bane Chant off on BOTH of them, and completely wipe them out before he had a chance to heal them. That combat set the precedence for the rest of the game, as beating his list meant I had to commit fully to charges and hope to wipe out units in one go. 

My spitters also managed to grab the "Worst MVP" award for getting ZERO hits out of 50 shots the entire game! Overall, another big win for the Gobbos!

Game 4 - Rocky Archer - Trident Realms, Dominate

I have NEVER played a bad game against Rocky, and playing him is always a pleasurable learning experience. It was also unusual to be out-shot by Rocky, and he definitely didn't hesitate to tell me haha! His list consisted of:

  • Naiad Ensnarers
  • Naiad Heartpiercers (x2; one had Fire-Oil)
  • Leviathan's Bane
  • Knucker
  • Naiad Centurion
  • Naiad Envoy
    • Fury of the Sea Formation
Looking at Rocky's army and how low it is in Army Unit Strength when compared to mine gave me a huge advantage in this battle. I basically knew I just had to survive and score with my hordes. Placement of terrain went in my favor, as Rocky only managed to get one turn of non-penalized shooting with his army. Some bad rolling from his Knucker also meant it became Mawbeast food early on in the game! By turn 7, it basically came down to whether or not his Naiad Ensnarers could rout my Trolls Horde and overrun into the scoring zone, which would have resulted in a draw.

He puts the Trolls Horde to 10 wounds..... and rolls a 4 for the nerve check!

Thanks to that, the Gobbos managed their 4th win! The best part was that I had a troop of Mawbeasts hide the entire game, which resulted in a wild goose chase from his Naiad Centurion. Ultimately, the Mawbeats got away from their fishy enemy, scoring the Rallying Point!

Fun Fact: I didn't roll Snake Eyes the ENTIRE tournament!


After the dust settled, I came in 1st, Jacob Datta came in 2nd, and Rocky Archer came in 3rd! It was an awesome day, as I got to walk away with more units for my upcoming Empire of Dust army! Our TO, Cody Smith, did an excellent job running the event! Playing small games was a huge and welcomed change, and I can't wait for the Escalation Tournament on November 4th!

-Christopher James


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